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Alternative Office - Introduction

AO Introduction  I   Student & Family Details  I   Classes & Assessments  I   Staff Details  I   Money Matters   I   Timetable  I   Sport  I   School Property  I   General Administration

      Alternative Office (AO) is a fully integrated school administration system that is capable of maintaining the entire running of your school in one comprehensive package.

      With Windows, Icons, Menus and Button-bars, Alternative Office is easy to use and requires very little training. AO is based on point and click operation and our easy to follow flowchart makes it a breeze to follow. An added advantage is our Lookup Table facility which contains a store of often used words and phrases which allows for fast, problem free data entry.

      AO is a multi-user, multi-tasking school information system that runs on most platforms. For more details, see the System Requirements page.

      AO also contains a full multi-level security and password system which allows for full or partial (from the entire school database down to a single class) access to edit, insert, delete, view or print any part of the data. Double clicking on the Alternative application brings you to the login prompt (shown below). This is where the user enters his/her customised username and password to give them the most appropriate access.

Alternative Office animated demo

      Alternative Office has the ability to import data from and export data to Oasis, PCSchool, MAZE, Omnibus as well as other packages. There's no need to re-enter your existing records from other systems which not only saves you time but will make the initial setup and installation less of a burden. This means you'll be up and running in no time.

      Throughout the many modules within Alternative Office there are literally thousands of reports available to choose from to print. AO even has the ability to print your own custom designed ad-hoc reports. Customisations can be made for schools with special requirements. AO can be specifically tailored to Primary, Secondary, State, Distance, CEO, Boarding, Independent, and other schools.

      Designed and written in Australia, Alternative Office is fully supported and specifically suited to Australian formats and conditions. However, full customisation is available to other countries.

      Optional add on modules available:

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