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AO - Money Matters

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Much of the Money Matters category has been completely rewritten for the release of Alternative Office version 4. These include :
  • purchasing
  • invoicing systems
  • school fees
  • general ledger, which is now fully functional
While updating and rewriting AO, new features have been added also. These include :
  • a full payroll system (described in further detail below)
  • journals
  • asset management
  • all reports for the above areas have been rewritten so that they are fully customisable for your needs

Picture coming soon

Full payroll will mean that wages for all staff can be input into AO instead of having to run more than one administration program, delivering everything you have come to expect from a standard payroll accounting package.

As well as the above, a completely new feature has been developed, which we believe will prove to be very useful. It will give schools the ability to run a shop, or any other type of retail environment, to sell items such as uniforms, textbooks, stationary and more. This feature, as well as the many new and rewritten features of the Accounting module, will make Alternative Office a much more powerful tool.

And most importantly, AO v4 supports the new Australian Tax System.

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