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Think Video - Introduction

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Think Video (TV) is an application for managing the inventory, renting and financial aspects of a video store. As well as storing information on all the video titles in your businesses collection, TV will keep track of your members accounts, borrowing history, and their credit or debt.

The most obvious benefit TV has over its competition is its graphical user interface - while other video store management software still operates only in DOS, TV takes advantage of modern operating systems graphical abilities to display information as you want to see it, without the constraints of a text based display. The interface is not just a flashy update either - much effort has been put into making it clear, consistent, and easy to learn without hindering the expert user with redundant steps.

As good as it is, the interface is not the only outstanding feature of Think Video. Designed in collaboration with video store owners, it can supply all the information and statistics you need to run your business effectively. Thinking Administration Systems makes it a policy to listen to the needs of our customers, so suggestions for features and extensions (if possible) are added to the software very quickly. Often free of charge.

Finally, TV is more compatible than other video store system, as it runs flawlessly on IBM compatible computers running recent versions of Microsoft Windows or Linux, or Apple PowerMacintosh computers. See our System Requirements page for more information. Each version works exactly the same way, so you can use it anywhere without retraining.

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