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Thinking Administration
74, Cropley Drive,
Baulkham Hills,
NSW 2153,
Tel: 02 9639 3000
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Computer Servicing

Does your Mac or PC seem like it has a mind of its own sometimes? It could have a hardware fault, such as :

  • the hard drive could have bad blocks
  • one of the caps on the analog board could be blown
  • the logic board could have been zapped during an electrical storm

Or perhaps you have a software problem, for example :

  • the hard drive's master directory and volume bitmap files could be damaged
  • your system software could be corrupt
  • or maybe you just need a few update patches

Save yourself the hassles of diagnosing your computer yourself and bring it to Thinking Administration System (TAS). Our highly experienced technicians will be able to fix the problem with your Mac or PC, whether it's a hardware or software problem. With 15 years experience in the computer repairing industry in Sydney, Australia, you can be confident that your computer will be in the best of hands.

If you call around, you will find our charges are very well priced compared to our competitors. Our charges are (prices include GST)

  • On-site services :
    • $154 for the first hour
    • $110 for every hour thereafter
  • In-house services :
    • $99 per hour (minimum charge of $55 for a diagnosis)

Discounts are available for service contracts both short and long term depending on the duration and requirements. Also, education facilities and government departments may be entitled to a discount of $16.5 (inc GST) per hour on the above onsite rates.

Please do not hesitate to email our services department to arrange a quote, or to enquire about making a booking. Alternatively, see our contact page for other, more convenient ways to get in touch with TAS.