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Thinking Administration
74, Cropley Drive,
Baulkham Hills,
NSW 2153,
Tel: 02 9639 3000
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Networking and Communications

Your communication system is one of the most valuable assets in your business today. Imagine if your sales staff couldn't receive a telephone call because of a poor phone system. Or support couldn't send an email because you network cabling is too ancient for the rest of your system. At Thinking Administration Systems (TAS) we know how important these things are, your business depends on them. As part of our total solution commitment we offer networking and communications design, installation, support, and training (Sydney, Australia only).

The key to a successful network is a well designed system, which integrates all your communications together. A poorly designed communication system can lead to customer frustrations, and eventual loss to your competitors. Whereas a well designed, easy to use system can lead to customer satisfaction, and therefore higher sales. That's a fact.

TAS encompasses networking specialising in category 5, 6, 7, optical fibre, phone/communication systems, and internet/intranet analysis and design and unified cabling systems. We also use AUSTEL approved networking technicians and certified electricians which allows us simultaneously to do all the required work for data and communications including unified cabling (the same cable is used for all devices). Our staff come from highly experienced backgrounds and have done work for many major companies in Sydney, and the rest of Australia.

For more information or to arrange a quote, please do not hesitate to email our services department. Alternatively, see our contact page for other, more convenient ways to get in touch with TAS.