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Thinking Administration
74, Cropley Drive,
Baulkham Hills,
NSW 2153,
Tel: 02 9639 3000
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Training Courses

Today, computers are fast becoming a part of everyday life. Whether you have a computer at home or not, we all interact with some form of computer technology almost every day, from entering a customers details into a database at work, to using an ATM at your local bank.

For many people, starting to use a computer can be a rather daunting and frustrating experience. That's where Thinking Administration Systems (TAS) comes in. Instead of spending months of your precious time trying to learn how to use your Mac/PC's 100's of useful features, let us teach you (Sydney, Australia only). With our highly experienced computer gurus, you could learn in 2 hours what might take you months to learn on your own.

All TAS staff have been using computers since the early to mid 1980's, which not only gives us a great understanding of why the computers of today have evolved the way they have, but also means that we have a firm knowledge of the current Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

Below is a description of each subject area we can train you on, as well as a brief description of the lessons content :

Getting started with Mac OS / Windows
  • how to use the mouse and keyboard
  • terminology ; window, menu, desktop, RAM, hard drive, etc.
  • opening and using programs / applications
  • setting your interface (how you want your computer to look)
  • navigating around your Mac / PC
Getting on the internet
  • what is the internet?
  • what can it do for me?
  • joining up with an internet service provider (ISP)
  • going to web sites (
  • how to use email
Basic word processing, spreadsheets, drawing and painting
  • terminology ; fonts, bold, italic, cells, etc.
  • typing up a letter
  • creating a personal budget using a spreadsheet
  • make a drawing / painting design
  • printing
Problems and FAQ's
  • why can't I open an attachment my friend has sent me?
  • some good internet sites to visit
  • what does this error mean?(ISP)
  • finding / using software updates and patches
  • backing up your work
  • connecting other devices (scanners, printers, zip drives, etc.)
  • home movie video editing (may require certain equipment)
  • using your computer faster - keyboard shortcuts, secrets and tips
  • cool things you can do to impress
  • what else can I do with my computer?
Basic web design
  • setting up a personal web site
  • links to other pages and web sites
  • adding buttons, pictures, movies and sounds
  • registering with search engines
  • the technical secrets
You can arrange for us to come to your home or office to do a one on one tutorial, or teach a group of employees / friends at once. Below are some examples of pricing (all prices include GST). Obviously a group session would be cheaper for each person, as you can split the cost over the entire group :
1-4 people

$264 for a 2 hour session (plus a 10 minute break)
$110 for every additional hour thereafter

e.g. :- $66 per person for a group of 4, for 2 hours
5-9 people

$330 for a 2 hour session (plus a 10 minute break)
$143 for every additional hour thereafter

e.g. :- $36.65 per person for a group of 9, for 2 hours
10-15 people

$396 for a 2 hour session (plus 10 minute break)
$176 for every additional hour thereafter

e.g. :- $26.40 per person for a group of 15, for 2 hours
+15 people

please Contact us for a quote, as you may require additional tutors and equipment
If you think that this is something that you and a group of friends could benefit in learning, or perhaps your employees need some basic training for the new computer system you just had installed, please don't hesitate to Contact us to select / suggest a course, or for more information.